iPhone 4 - Finally Here

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iPhone 4 – Finally Here

June 8th, 2010 by Matt Haff

So, I’m sure many of you were watching WWDC 10 yesterday and drooling over all the new features that the new iPhone has.

[Begin Rant] The one thing that really irks me about it is that on top of the $30/month we already have to pay for unlimited data, we will now have to pay an extra $20/month if we want to be able to tether. AT&T really bugs me, if it wasn’t for the iPhone I would have left them years ago, I honestly believe it’s the only thing that’s keeping them in the positive. [End Rant]

I’m really excited about the HD Video recording, as well as the native Netflix app that will be coming. My biggest question for anyone out there is… With the new capabilities of the iPhone 4, do you think it will be possible to have church online mobile? Second part to that question, would it need to be an iPhone App? This is something that as web developers make our job harder, any new technology that comes out, any new platform or internet browser and we have to make sure that our websites work and look good on them.

I know that I will be pre-ordering it on June 15th, will you?

Church Online

Emerging Ministry

June 15th, 2009 by Matt Haff

Here at 12Stone Church we are always trying to give ourselves away in order that lives will be saved and people will live their lives to the fullest. It’s only natural that constantly improving our online presence and how we use the web as a means of reaching out to the lost. I believe that online ministry should be viewed as an emerging ministry opportunity for the church.

So how do we go about using this emerging ministry to reach and save others? I have a few thoughts but I’m open to ideas. There are some pretty simple and basic answers, no doubt, such as facebook, twitter, blogs, podcasts, e-newsletters, etc. but what about any out-of-the-norm ideas for how to expand on what we already have?

Share your thoughts, I want to hear them!

Church Online

It’s Not About Your Website

May 26th, 2009 by Matt Haff

Just read this great post by a fellow blogger about how unimportant your churches website is. Yes, you heard me right… Your website is NOT important. It’s about the content, the message that you’re trying to convey. People don’t care where they get the information as long as they get it. 

Instead of making your site a destination, meet people where they are. Meaning connect with people on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, etc. The list of places that you can connect goes on and on, you don’t have to be up to date on everything new that is out there. As long as you’re taking action towards meeting people where they are then you are headed in the right direction.

You don’t get The Unchurched interested in your church by sitting inside the walls hoping that they will come, what makes you think that getting them to your website is any different? You need to reach out to the outside world, and you should use the tools that Unchurched people are already using in order to connect with them.

Nobody Cares About Your Website

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