Tyler Stanton


Tyler Stanton

February 1st, 2010 by Matt Haff

So last night Mack Kitchel and I were up at the Catalyst office working with Tyler Stanton, one of the emcees of Catalyst, until midnight doing some final touches to his blog. I think late nights pay off, at least I hope they do or else I’m wearing down my body for nothing -smile-

Go take a look around TylerStanton.com let me know what you think.


Freelancing With WordPress Like A N00B

January 9th, 2010 by Matt Haff

Presented by: John Saddington | human3rror

Five things that will help you

  • how do you price an install
  • what do I need to learn about servers and hosting
  • platform knowledge, how well do I know wordpress?
  • begin to understand your network
  • managing expectations

Steps to build WordPress

  • Themes
  • Hosting
  • Upgrades
  • Plugins
  • Strategy Consulting

How you develop your business

  • Where you want to grow your business is where you have fun
  • Legal stuff & taxes
  • Building a team & expand
  • Full Time or Part Time?
  • Time Management & Project Management
  • Developing that business

Contracts & Managing Expectations

  • watch for scope creep
  • Saves you time, money & heartache

Keep Growing – keep learning, be curious
Connections & Networking – get with people that are better than you, get with people that can bring you business
Take a break, have a life, vacations – have fun, if you’re not having fun then don’t do it
Pricing – the better you get, charge per project not hourly. The less sure you are, charge by hour.


Blogging, Web Design

How To Design A Killer Blog

January 9th, 2010 by Matt Haff

Presented by: Mitch Canter

to STAND out
to have CONTROL over CONTENT
to PERSONALIZE your brand
to {re}FRESHEN your online image

It Boils Down To Three Tenants:

  • readability – if they can’t read your content, they won’t
  • usability – if they can’t navigate your content, they won’t
  • findability – if they can’t find your content…

Basic Tips

  • know your craft
    know enough html to understand the basics
    know your blogging platform
  • use discrection
    widgets distract from content install widgets readers will utilize if you want fun widgets, put them in a widget section
    find widgets that style to your theme automatically
  • use good markup
    (im)proper markup can make (or break) a site’s SEO
    Utilize H Tags (h1-h6) accordingly
    One h1 tag per page (main keywords)
    Allow specific CSS targeting.
  • use color theory
    1-3 colors work best (2 primary/secondary and 1 neutral [black/grewy/brown])
    Font colors too – stick to a pallete and be consistent
  • use good images
    a good image tells a story that accentuates the content
    good images should work with your design, but good designs also have styles built in for images
  • it’s the little things
    most overlookd “polish points”
    bulleted lists
    hover colors
    post format

Resource: WEloveWP.com

Recommended Plugins

  • akismet
  • disqus comment system
  • exec-php
  • feedburner feedsmith
  • front page excluded categories
  • get the image
  • google analyticator
  • lifestream
  • mailchimp
  • recommended reading
  • redirection
  • tweetmeme retweet button
  • twitPic
  • Twitter tools
  • Woopra
  • wordpress.com stats
  • wordpress database backup
  • wp greet box
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